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Greensboro’s ability to grow, retain and attract a well-educated and skilled work force is essential in today’s knowledge based economy. Campus Greensboro is committed to improving connections between the talented local 50K+ college students and our business and leadership community, and working to better prepare these students for the 21st century workforce.  

A proven strategy to retain young talent in our city is by providing meaningful local internships. Campus Greensboro can help your organization have a robust internship program with a talent pipeline from all seven of our local college/universities. Let us help you source the brightest students to join your team!

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Fellows can see themselves making Greensboro home

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Fellows built relationships with key leaders in the community

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Fellows understand the leading industries in Greensboro


Campus Greensboro is a tremendous gateway for development in Greensboro! Our organization has been inspired by the energy and perspectives that the participants bring to municipal government. Likewise, we have a great sense of pride for the experience and connections we extend to our fellows. Many thanks to the Campus Greensboro program for creating a valuable experience for talent development!!!!!

Chris Wilson

Assistant City Manager, City of Greensboro

Cone Health values our relationship with Campus Greensboro and the Summer Fellows program. Campus Greensboro has structured the program to making hosting interns easy. From managing the promotional component to get students involved, to arranging the application and interview process, Campus Greensboro provides easy access to a diverse, talented pool of college students.

Vivian Langley

Manager of Talent Development, Cone Health

Partnering with Campus Greensboro and the summer Fellows Program has been one of the best decisions we have ever made as an organization. Being able to focus our efforts on recruiting internship talent from the colleges and universities that surround us is priceless. Each year, I become more pleased with the talent level of the students and the bright ideas they bring to Arch MI. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Campus Greensboro for many years to come.

Tonya Battle

HR Generalist, Arch MI